Kawasaki Ninja 400 video review

The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is an entry-level sportsbike. However, while it looks as well as behaves like one, the asking price is way higher. Imagine paying Rs 5.7 lakh, on-road for a 400cc motorcycle. I am not even getting to the point where the RE Interceptor 650 has to step in. May be, you can end up buying two Interceptors for the price of the Ninja 400.

The Ninja 400 isn’t all about the price. It is also about performance, something which it offers in spades and is easy as well as accessible too. It’s gearbox as well as clutch are easy to use and modulate. The riding posture as well as the handling too are excellent. However, the other fly in the ointment could be the high prices for the spare parts that Kawasaki is infamous for. We have summed it all up in this video. By the way, the video is in Hindi while our text review is in the ‘Queen’s Language’.

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