Renault Triber review: Things you will like and bits you won’t

The Renault Triber is the new hot thing in town. Everyone is going gaga over it. We recently happened to drive it as well. The initial impressions have been very positive.  However, lets take a quick look into the good as well as the bad bits of the car.


Bad bits of the Renault Triber

  • The Triber’s rear view camera resolution could have been better. It could also feature dynamic grid lines. Will have made it easier to drive.
  • The engine of the Triber can definitely do with a bit more power. It doesn’t lack in enthusiasm but outright power delivery isn’t its forte. Moreover, the gearbox is notchy.


  • Refinement is not the Triber’s forte. It could have done with a tad more refinement as well.

Good bits of the Renault Triber

  • The styling gets a big thumbs-up. It is a very stylish 7-seater and the equipment list includes standard projector headlights.
  • It is incredible how Renault engineers have managed to find space within a sub-4m shape. The seats too are comfortable in both rows while the third one is good for grown-ups but only for a short distance.

  • There are lot of storage spaces in the cabin including the cooled cavity near the handbrake. One-litre water bottles can be kept in the door pockets.
  • Ease of driving a 7-seater is what the Triber offers. One can drive comfortably with literally no blind spots at all.
  • The cabin quality is decent and it is a nice place to be.

New Renault TRIBER seating space


  • Renaults are very affordable as far as the service goes. This one should be no different then.
  • Ride quality is fabulous and you will appreciate the rugged underpinnings.

All in all, the good bits of the Triber far outweigh the bad ones. Moreover, the price point is lucrative as well and should rope in customers. That is if they can live with the anemic engine. We hear a turbocharged version is being prepared. Perhaps it will come with an AMT as well as BS-VI compliance.


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