MG Hector diesel review road test: Mileage, service and features tested

The Hector is becoming a familiar sight on our roads. This despite the vehicle not being the most affordable out there. It suddenly makes the Creta feel value for money. However it has got more features than the Creta and is at par with the Seltos. Speaking of which, the Kia Seltos sells more than the Hector. MG on its part says that the factory capacity is fully utilised and they have been unable to meet demand. We got the diesel version, which we hear is selling the most, for a test. Needless to say, we put it through the grind. Here is our MG Hector diesel review.

MG Hector diesel engine

The powertrain is borrowed from FCA. MG though has tuned it nicely or should we say the refinement is excellent. There is very little diesel clatter and while the clutch may not be Hyundai light, it is bearable for city trips. A customer will also appreciate the fact that the gearshifts are reasonably smooth. On the same subject, minimum gearshifts are required in the city as 2nd gear is all you will need. If there is a wee bit space in traffic, even third can be squeezed.
Long legs is what we call this version of the Hector. Mile munching is its forte. On the highway, the Hector diesel returned 18.3kmpl while in the city it gave 11.6kmpl. These numbers were done with just two people on board. Perhaps more people and their luggage will take down the figures a bit.

MG Hector diesel ride and handling

At the first drive, we were provided arrow straight as well as narrow roads. These showed that the Hector is not the most accomplished cars around corners. However the SUV is an altogether different animal in the city. It just belies it’s size and is quite flickable. The steering wheel is light and there is good all around visibility. If you opted for the top-end Sharp model, there is also the 360-degree camera too. Quite useful but in Mumbai’s monsoon plagued environs, it becomes muddy quickly and clarity could have been a bit better too.

The ride quality will remind you of the Safari but with a much tauter chassis control. There is so much travel and that 195mm ground clearance is quite useful while navigating potholes. Even with a full house, the vehicle doesn’t lose composure. Straight line stability is nice but the diesel has a bit of tendency to nose dive under hard braking. The latter is good and there isn’t much to complain about too. All wheel disc brakes are after all are much better than disc-drum setup.

Interior, quality and design

The design still is fresh. It has got all the right elements, albeit a bit too chrome-d for our tastes. However, it has struck a chord with the buyers. Did its job is what we will say. Quality too is decent. Ours was a Myles car and inspite of the abuse it must have endured under the hands of different journalists as well as self-drive customers, nothing broke loose or fell. We wish the infotainment system was a bit less glitchy (a recent update claims to have sorted this out). The commands were obeyed but sometimes, the assistant was over-attentive as well, leading to unintended commands being executed.

The MG Hector seats are comfortable and the boot space too is good. You climb into the cabin and not just ease yourself on to the seats. The panoramic sunroof too adds to the ambience.

MG Hector diesel verdict

If you are thinking of buying a Hector diesel, we will ask you to wait. A BS-VI version is coming out and so is the 7-seater. A price hike will be there but you will get the latest tech. At Rs 20 lakh, on-road, the MG Hector diesel may not be great value for money. However the MG Hector diesel price in India shouldn’t be a deterrent if you want road presence, highway capability, features and rugged build quality. From what we hear, MG service is good as well. The wait time is lower and attention to problem solving is of prime importance. We will get you customer testimonials soon. Watch this space! We hope this MG Hector diesel review was useful for you.

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