Maruti WagonR 1.2 AMT review: Pros and cons

Maruti not only gave the new WagonR a modern chassis but also provided it with a bigger heart. This has definitely bumped up the price in the process and the car you see here in the images (ZXI 1.2 AMT) retails for Rs 6.40 lakh on-road, Mumbai. Imagine a WagonR at 6.5 lakh a few years ago. However, if the price has increased, there should be some nice bits too, right? In this story, we will explore the pros and cons of the new Maruti WagonR 1.2 AMT.

Good bits of the Maruti WagonR 1.2 AMT

  • The 84PS/114Nm engine feels a tad more powerful than the 1.0-litre unit. On the move, the added pep is definitely more helpful while negotiating traffic or making that quick overtake. Not only this, the city efficiency, we got was 13.4kmpl while the highway numbers were around 19.6kmpl.
Maruti WagonR AMT
  • Maruti has tuned the 5-speed AMT so well that the head nod or pauses between shifts is minimal. In fact, this even beats the AMTs used by Renault as well as Tata. Push the accelerator pedal firmly and the gearbox drops two cogs to get the engine in the meat of the powerband.
Maruti WagonR AMT
  • The interior is roomy and spacious. It gives a welcome feel as well unlike the darker upholstery used in other cars. The visibility all around too is good and will definitely help the newbie drivers as well as the experienced lot. You will also like the new touchscreen unit. It doesn’t lag and is very easy to understand as well. Visibility in broad daylight too is decent. We also like the fact that all door pockets can hold a 1-litre water bottle. The boot space too is way better than before.
  • The widespread Maruti service network and the ease of getting parts too is a boon for those first time car buyers. The mechanicals can also be serviced by roadside mechanics.

The not-so good bits of the Maruti WagonR 1.2 AMT

  • The engine is tuned more for driveability as well as efficiency. So those seeking better top-end performance will be disappointed. Also, at the top of the rev range, the engine becomes whiny.
  • The cabin is big, however it looks like Maruti may not have upgraded the airconditioning compressor unit. It takes a lot of time to cool the cabin and that ain’t good considering the heat wave that’s going around. Compound the fact that there are no rear AC vents too.
  • Maruti may have used a new platform, however the ride quality is still choppy. It is better than before for sure but still leaves room for improvement.
  • The music system sounds tinny and could have been executed in a better fashion. You need to increase the volume to around 20-22 to get hear the music properly. An upgrade definitely is recommended then.
  • There are no proper storage spaces and we feel Maruti could have added a bit more useable spaces. Like the one behind the gear lever is left practically without any cubby holes. It is hard to keep a cellphone and your purse in the cavity.
  • While a driver airbag, rear parking sensors, ABS with EBD are standard, we wonder why there aren’t ISOFIX tethers even on the top end model. The Maruti WagonR 1.2 AMT has been given two fixed headrests in the rear but the middle passenger doesn’t get any.

Images by Sushil Jaiswal and Lijo Mathai


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