Maruti Ertiga petrol review: Hits and misses

Come to think of an affordable MPV and chances are that you will look towards Maruti Suzuki’s stables. Ever since its introduction in 2012, the Maruti Ertiga has ruled the roost. The Mobilio, Quanto and few others tried to challenge its dominance but precious little was left of them. However, now Maruti has introduced the second-generation Ertiga in India and it is even better. Or claimed to be. Its bigger, wider as well as has more goodies. Moreover, there is a new petrol engine on offer and it comes with the SHVS tech as well. The Maruti Ertiga petrol is the one we tested and will like to point out its good bit as well as the ones we think can be improved upon.

Maruti Ertiga petrol plus points

  • It looks very good. While the silhouette is retained, the Ertiga now looks beautifully crafted. Those chrome elements on the grille, the projector headlights, the stance as well as those inspired tail lights cut a distinct image.
Maruti Ertiga petrol
  • The interior too has been tastefully done while the infotainment system cuts a familiar figure too. Everything is within reach and logically laid out. Build quality also is appreciable. The easy access to the third row now makes it even better.
  • Ride quality of the Ertiga has improved quite a bit. It now rides flat and that is a good thing. Most of the road irregularities don’t make their way to the cabin.
Maruti Ertiga petrol
The start-stop system is regulated through here. This battery box lies under the front passenger seat
  • Efficiency and driveability has gone up big time with the new 1.5-litre petrol motor. The engine makes 104PS and 136Nm, is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Slot it into third gear in traffic and the Ertiga petrol will not protest. In fact, the torque boost function works like a charm to give that extra assist at lower rpms. As a result, efficiency has gone up big time. Seeing figures of 14-15kmpl in city shouldn’t surprise you.
  • Knowing it is a Maruti, the service costs associated with it are decent. Moreover, availability as well as affordable nature of the parts too should give one peace of mind.

Maruti Ertiga petrol negative points

  • Too much similarity on the inside to other Maruti cars may not work for few people. Bits like the steering wheel as well as the power window switches and other things for example are shared with the Dzire as well the Swift.
Maruti Ertiga petrol
  • There are still a few features missing. For example, no auto dimming IRVM,auto wipers or even headlights for that matter. Perhaps something like a sunroof too would have made sense in the optional trims.
  • The engine while being torquey isn’t an enthusiast’s delight. If you like pottering around town and need less gearshifts, then the engine works fine. Got a booty call and wanna rush there? You might have to look for some other options then. All of its performance is concentrated on the lower side of the rev range.
Maruti Ertiga petrol
  • This is a pure 5+2 seater and the last row will only be comfortable for those around 5ft. There are no dedicated vents for them as well. There is also a shortage of USB charging slots for a vehicle this big.

All in all, for the seven days that I lived with the Ertiga, I never once had to fill her up. She came on half a tank of gas, I drove more than 200km and left with more than a quarter to spare. In terms of range, when I dropped her off to the workshop, she still had around 140km to go. She might just not the companion for wide open roads as the lack of punch shows on fast roads. This still wouldn’t stop me from recommending her to any of the city slickers. So kudos Maruti. The new Maruti Ertiga petrol is a gem and a keeper.


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