Honda Activa 6G BS6 review, first ride in India

Honda Activa 6G BS6 review

Ten years ago, no one could imagine a scooter becoming the highest selling two-wheeler in India. Now, probably no one can imagine anything more convenient than a moto-scooter, rather an Activa at that. The scooter that changed the way Indians looked at two-wheelers has now evolved into another generation, the Honda Activa 6g BS6 and we have got our hands on it.

The new Honda Activa 6g BS6 was launched last month in two variants, the base for just under Rs 64 thousand and the Deluxe at about Rs 65.5 thousand. Honda said that the price tag of the new Activa is about Rs 7,000 more than the 5G and we are here to find out is it worth paying those extra grands?
Well, it’s a hundred percent Yes. Because we have ridden the new Activa and we liked it.

Honda Activa 6g BS6 design

Honda Activa 6G BS6 images

Honda Activa 6G BS6 looks

First up, let’s talk about the looks. The new Activa gets six colour shades and this blue one that we are riding is the new signature colour. Looking at the design, there are subtle changes but nothing starkly different from the 5G. It used to look good before and it does so now too. Why change something that already works? It has got LED headlamps, wide tail lamp console, Activa monograms on the sides and silver and black underpinnings.
But, the biggest changes are under that metal body of the Activa.

Honda Activa 6g BS6 engine

Honda Activa 6G BS6 engine

The 110 scooter gets BS VI compliant engine and to get there fuel injection has been introduced. Honda’s PGM-Fi technology is world renowned and it works seamlessly in the Activa. The power is slightly lower than what the engine would develop in the 5G due to the stricter emission standards, but since this new Activa is a couple of kilos lighter, it’s just as fast as before. And most importantly, the fuel economy has improved by almost 10%. In the entire process, the ride experience has been elevated because of the smoothness of the package.

Activa 6G ride and handling

2020 Honda Activa 6G BS6

Honda Activa 6G BS6 wheel

Not only the scooter has been made lighter, it’s chassis has been tweaked too. It now gets 171mm ground clearance, 18mm more than the previous-gen 5G and the wheel base is 22mm longer. While the footboard has become 23mm longer, giving more space for taller riders to fit in, the seat height has been kept the same as before. And that’s good especially for the female riders who generally find it difficult to deal with tall seat heights. Also, the fuel lid has been finally moved out from under the seat and you no longer have to perform the charade of getting off, opening the seat, the fuel lid and the whole balancing act. The fuel lid switch is integrated into the button that opens the seat and works exactly the same.

So, when it comes to convenience, the Activa has just bettered itself in every possible way. Higher ground clearance means that the badly designed speed breakers will not be an issue. You can carry more stuff on the footboard and in the already large under-seat storage space.

Honda Activa 6G BS6 underseat storage

Honda Activa 6G BS6 tachometer

Finally, the 12-inch front wheel and the telescopic forks in the front work wonders. The trailing arm front suspension setup had its limitations and we have been asking Honda for a telescopic setup for the longest time. With a longer wheel base and this front, the ride has become much smoother and the Activa, we can say, does inspire confidence under braking, over speed bumps, on bad patches et al. You are no longer scared of losing the front abruptly in the middle of a corner. Not that this angle of the scooter will be explored by most, but just in case you have to, don’t worry, it holds well.


Honda Activa 6g verdict

Honda Activa 6G BS6 ride

To wrap it up, the quality, fit and finish have been consistent as always and the whole bunch of added equipment like fuel injection, larger front wheel and telescopic setup, the external fuel lid and the start-stop switch and it’s silent starter technology just knock it out of the park, making the new Activa 6G one of the best buys in its segment of the TVS Jupiter and other moto-scooters like the Yamaha Ray-Z.

Things we like about the new Honda Activa 6g

Ride quality, features and smooth engine

Things we don’t like about the new Honda Activa 6g

Plain design, less storage spaces and no front disc brake option

Images by Sushil Jaiswal

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