Hero Passion Pro BS6 first look review

Hero MotoCorp, a few months ago, revealed the new Passion Pro as well as the Xtreme 160R and Glamour. While prices of the Passion and Glamour were announced, these bikes still aren’t on sale. Blame it on the lockdown. However, the Passion Pro replaces the plethora of 110cc bikes with the same name that Hero had in the BS4 era. Here, we take a closer look at the new Hero Passion Pro BS6. This is just a first look review and a more detailed one will follow once we lay our hands on the bike.
Hero Passion Pro bs6

Design of the Hero Passion Pro BS6

Must say it’s much matured. In fact, the design feels like it has evolved on the lines of the Glamour range. Hero MotoCorp has ensured that the Passion stays as much closer to the outgoing Glamour. The motorcycle is all-new and built from ground-up. The headlamp has a hint of carbon fibre on top whereas the always-on headlights could have had LEDs. Hero has retained the general shape of the tank of the older model and it isn’t bad considering there are scoops too. The tail light is a full-LED unit, rendering a premiumness to the design.
The new Hero Passion Pro BS6 also gets a semi-digital instrument cluster. This one has a side-stand alarm, fuel indicator, engine check light, single tripmeter and service indicator. There is also the i3S light. This, as one will know from the scores of other Heros on offer in the market, is essentially a start-stop system.  At idle, put the bike in neutral and release the clutch. The engine will shut off. Want to get going? Pull the clutch. Saves on fuel as well as emits lesser pollutants.

Hero Passion Pro BS6 engine and transmission

The Hero Passion Pro BS6 has got a new 110cc engine. This engine makes 9 per cent more power and 22 per cent additional torque than the Honda-derived older 110cc unit. After all, the new motor is fuel-injected. It produces 9PS of power and 9.79Nm. The gearbox is a 4-speed unit. The motorcycles comes with a kick and self-starter.

Any other special features

There is a real time fuel economy indicator that varies according to the riding style. More an AutoSail tech also makes its way through. This is the same as TVS’ Glide Through Technology. In traffic, one doesn’t need to shift gears and can instead coast, by pulling in the clutch.
2020 Hero Passion Pro bs6

Chassis and brakes

A new diamond frame chassis is part of the motorcycle. It again has been developed in-house. The motorcycles kerb weight still is 117kg for the front 130mm drum trim and 118kg for the 240mm disc. Width of the motorcycle depends on the brakes again – 715mm (drum) and 739mm (disc). The wheelbase is 1,270mm whereas the ground is 180mm. The fuel tank capacity is 10 litres. Hero provides a maintenance free battery.
Hero uses a 30mm front telescopic fork which is claimed to be a longer travelling unit than before. The saddle height is 799mm. Hero also uses twin shock absorbers at the back. The chain is a sealed unit. 18-inch black alloy wheels are standard.

Price and verdict

The Hero Passion Pro BS6 price in India starts from Rs 64,990 for the front drum version and Rs 3,000 more for front disc, ex-showroom. One can order and get delivery of the bike post lockdown. We feel that while the Passion has grown leaps and bounds than the older bike, it is still costly. Take for example the Honda Shine. Weighs as much as the Passion but has more power and is a feature-rich offering too. Price-wise Hero seems to have made a blunder.
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