BMW G310R review: Things you will like/dislike

The G310GS was an underwhelming experience for the most part. If you haven’t gone through it, now is the right time. I was told by many that the R is the better of the two. I quickly asked BMW for a test motorcycle to check if these claims were true. The BMW G310R review will definitely clear up a lot of things for those aspiring to own the entry-level bike from the German maker.

As is the norm, the good things first

1. Like the GS, BMW has left not stone unturned in styling this bike. The red colour paint scheme looks fabulous and the overall stance calls for attention as well. Imagine a bunch of school kids nudging each other and whispering that this is a BMW. So the first impression is alright.
2.Buyers of this motorcycle will also appreciate the quality on offer though it’s not much different from the Apache RR310. I am a fan of that big tank design. Equipment on offer too is decent. Most BMW bikes have things optional. This one comes with standard kit only. There are upside down front forks, all-digital instrument cluster, monoshock rear suspension and dual channel ABS. There are Michelin tyres on both ends and our experience suggests that these are both durable and have decent grip levels.
3. The engine is carried over lock, stock and barrel from the GS. However, the fueling here seems much better, the bike doesn’t stall at low revs and neither does it need too much revs to get going. In all, the vibrations too are down by a huge margin. The gearbox too is slicker. So, the people who told me about this bike were actually right.
4.You will love the handling of the G310R. It feels much nimble as well as agile. Straight line stability too is commendable. Mention must also be made of the brakes that ensure that there is enough feedback and of course stopping power too.

Things we wish were better in the BMW G310R

  1. For starters, the BMW could have had better fuel efficiency. For a motorcycle that makes around 34PS of power, the G310R returned 28kmpl in city and 33kmpl on the highway. These numbers are lower than what the competition offers.
  1. This engine needs to be revved to extract the performance. This defeats it’s purpose as a city bike. Too many gearshifts are called for in the city. Plus, the vibrations are present at the mid and top rev range. This will cause an issue if you plan on doing mild touring with this bike.
  1. Everyone is aware that the bike commands a premium over its completion primarily because of the batch. While the GS doesn’t have much competition, the BMW G310R does. This includes the Honda CB300R, Benelli TNT 300, KTM 390 Duke and more. Unsurprisingly, all the motorcycles here are priced lower than the BMW. They offer better performance too if not, at par.
  2. The service cost of the BMW G310R is pegged at Rs 5,000 thereabouts for a regular tune up. However, competing motorcycles offers lesser operating costs.
I seriously wish that BMW offers the same updates that were given to the Apache RR310 recently. This will make a whole lot of difference to the motorcycle and elevate the riding as well as ownership experience.Images by Donald Dsouza

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