Toyota Fortuner TRD Celebratory Edition image gallery

So, the mighty Fortuner was launched in India exactly 10 years ago. Toyota India says that it has sold more than 1.6 lakh SUVs and this for a vehicle costing upwards of Rs 20 lakh is no mean feat. The Fortuner has been the preferred car for the politicians, actors as well as well heeled. The resale value of this SUV too is on an all-time high and all this economy slowdown doesn’t seem to have affected it much. Toyota has now launched the new-gen Fortuner’s special edition. The Fortuner TRD Celebratory Edition consists of new bumpers, contrast stitching, few emblems, black alloy wheels, dual tone roof and the like. It doesn’t have any mechanical changes and will be available with the diesel engine, only for a short while though. Yes, this is a limited edition model and will be on sale only till stocks last. We spoke with a high ranking Toyota official who confirmed that the production run is limited. This freaking thing costs more than Rs 2 lakh over the S2 automatic that it is based on. Feast your eyes on this pearl white coloured Toyota Fortuner TRD Celebratory Edition.

Toyota Fortuner TRD Launched
The Toyota Fortuner TRD looks as macho as possible. It is after all an eye-catching modern design


Those imposing stance of the Toyota Fortuner TRD cannot be missed


The grille gets a TRD treatment


The seats get contrast stitching and 10th anniversary emblems


This is what we were talking about…


These 18-inch alloys are exclusive to the Celebratory Edition


The interior hasn’t changed much from the older car

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