BMW R18 cruiser image gallery

The BMW R18 cruiser was shown in concept form at the Villa d’Este last year. That it grabbed eyeballs is an understatement. BMW taking on Harley-Davidson at its own turf was calling for war. Now that the production model has been launched, it looks as if they didn’t bother tinkering with the concept at all.
The longish rake, pre-war era engine cover and all add to the charm. The BMW also boasts a 1.8-litre horizontally-opposed 2-cylinder engine. What’s more, it is air-cooled too. Proper dig at Harley, then? 158Nm of torque is produced while the horsepower rating is 91PS. This engine is a modern thing underneath though and breathes through four valves, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. There are many ride modes – Rain, Roll and Rock. Throttle response as well as engine power varies. In Rock mode, if you thought it’s an off-road thing, it’s not. In fact full power of the engine is unleashed. Rain is the softest of them all while Roll is the road-equivalent.
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2020 BMW R18 cruiser
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