All-new Hero Glamour BS6 photo gallery

The 2020 Hero Glamour is all-new. This all-new Hero Glamour was launched earlier this year. However, as is usually the case with Hero motorcycles these days like the Passion Pro, it still hasn’t reached showrooms. Hero in the meanwhile has released prices as well as specifications of the all-new Hero Glamour. While we will get to that part in a bit, here are pictures of the motorcycle in all its glory.

The all-new Hero Glamour retains the silhouette of the older bike but is slightly bigger than the outgoing bike


This being said, it is sleeker than the model being replaced and should appeal to the economy-conscious youth and working professionals alike


The rear section ditches the bulbous dimensions and gets LED lights. The indicators are from the Xtreme 200.


The grabrail is a flat piece and blends well with the overall design of the all-new Hero Glamour


We wished Hero had provided all-LED lights like Honda has done with the SP125 model. This would have added appeal and provided some amount of youthfulness to the overall demeanor.


The instrument cluster is new for the Glamour but has a familiar backlight as was there in the Xtreme 150. Even the dials are laid out in a similar fashion. It boasts a lot of new features in the segment like a side stand indicator, i3S technology and real-time mileage.


The starter button could have been new and there is no engine kill switch on offer either. The blue button is the i3S switch. This one cuts off the engine at idle. To restart, just pull the clutch back in.


The 125cc engine again is all-new and boasts fuel injection as well as a plethora of sensors to help it achieve the best combustion. It makes 10.7PS of power and 10.6Nm of torque. The gearbox is a 5-speed unit. Hero claims that the bike will give 10 per cent more fuel efficiency

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