Tesla Cybertruck image gallery

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled amid much fanfare a few days ago. There was also the controversy of the shatter-proof glass getting shattered during a demo. Production is expected to begin in a year’s time. Prices start at $40,000. Currently, the company claims that it has got more than 2 lakh orders for this vehicle and we believe them. Every car that Tesla built, has got a huge hype. This electric pickup truck can be ordered in three trims – single motor rear wheel drive, dual-motor and tri-motor AWD. The single motor can do around 400km on a single charge, the dual motor, almost 600km and the tri-motor does almost 800km. All three do the 0-100kmph run in less than 6 seconds. Take a look at the images below to see if you like this car.


2022 Tesla Cybertruck

2022 Tesla Cybertruck side view

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Space for your toolbox

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Interior

2022 Tesla Cybertruck SUV

2022 Tesla Cybertruck towing van

2022 Tesla Cybertruck quad bike

2022 Tesla Cybertruck Space for your toolbox



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