Yamaha scooter line-up in India gets Unified Braking System

In the coming days, you will get to hear this news more often! Unified Braking System in Yamaha speak is what Combined Braking System is for Honda. Ahead of the government clamping down on two wheeler manufacturers for selling vehicles without Combined Braking System or ABS, Yamaha has fitted the former to its scooter range in India. Along with it, there is also a USB charger slot as well as maintenance free battery fitted into each vehicle now. Bookings will begin in a few days while the deliveries start soon thereafter.

Yamaha Fascino

Just last month, the Japanese company had introduced UBS in its commuter motorcycle range. This includes the Saluto as well as the SZ. UBS reduces the braking distance. The front brake is linked with the rear one and application of the latter brings the former into action as well. This however shouldn’t be confused with ABS which is much more sophisticated and involves a bit of electronics too.

The Yamaha scooter line-up consists of the Fascino, Ray Z, Ray ZR, Street Rally and Alpha. A new colour scheme for the Fascino is also introduced. The ex-showroom prices of these vehicles are listed below

Yamaha scooterPrice (Rs.) ex showroom Delhi
Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally58,698
Cygnus Ray ZR Disc brake56,698
Cygnus Ray ZR Disc brake Darknight57,698
Cygnus Ray ZR Drum brake54,051
Cygnus Alpha Disc brake55,730
Cygnus Alpha Drum brake52,272
Cygnus Ray Z51,417

Yamaha is now keen on keeping the public interest alive in their products. The FZ-16 was refreshed recently and gets a host of new features including single channel ABS. The R15, Fazer 250 as well as the FZ 250 get dual channel ABS now. Price has been increased but then again, it is at par with what the industry currently offers for ABS-equipped products. The next new launch from Yamaha will be the MT-15 naked motorcycle, likely in a few days from now.

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