Volkswagen Ameo to be discontinued soon

The compact sedan market is a very very competitive one. As we have all seen, it is a market which sees maximum sales from the most known automotive company in India, Maruti Suzuki. Other players are trying their utmost best to play catch up here. Volkswagen too tried to do this with the Ameo. When introduced in 2016, the Volkswagen Ameo had some good new features as well as DSG transmission on its side. However, the goal post has moved ahead since and with little or no updates in three years, sales have trickled down to almost nothing. Just last month, VW managed to moved less than 800 units of the Ameo.

Volkswagen Ameo

It is now being reported that the company is looking to axe the Ameo. Production will be stopped sometime this year. Gurpratap Boparai, head of Volkswagen Group India, “We will not do any products like the Ameo. The sub-4 metre sedan is a very, very tricky product. It works only when the hatch that it’s based on is significantly below 4 metres (in length), otherwise, the aesthetics of the car won’t work.”

How did the Volkswagen Ameo fare in the segment?

Not too good! Sales never took off the way the company wanted it to. Plus issues related to VW service always reared their heads. However, the company tried to push sales with assurance of four year warranty and more. Plus the slightly high price tag also made things a tad worse. Compared to the Ameo, the Dzire sold ten times more. Even the Amaze as well as Xcent did better and so did the new entrant, the Aspire. However, while all these vehicles did have the backup of the fleet market, the Ameo was never used as a taxi.

Recently, the company introduced a brand new 1.0-litre MPI petrol engine in the Ameo. This engine was locally produced as opposed to the earlier unit. One can option this motor with a 5-speed manual only.

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Source: ET

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