Video analysis of the TVS Apache RR310 upgrades in India

TVS launched its first motorcycle that was built in association with BMW, the Apache RR310 in Jan 2018. However, despite the great feature list, impressive performance and good pricing, the motorcycle sales failed to pick up. There are two reasons for this. One is the lesser number of dealers who are allowed to sell this motorcycle and the second is the issues plaguing the bike itself. We had reported in our review that the motorcycle often needs a healthy dose of throttle input to get going and plus there are lot of vibrations as well.

It now seems that TVS has taken heed of these complaints and has asked owners to bring in their bikes for a “complimentary upgrade”. A text message sent to owners said that the ECU will be flashed, new bar end weights will be added and the chain roller will be swapped. A Youtube user has now put out a video detailing the changes done and they seem comprehensive.

Have these changes made any difference to the performance of the Apache RR310?

According to the video, the motorcycle now is vibration-free to a great extent. The user also says that the vibes are now down to the minimum. This is a good sign and has been possible due to the addition of heavier bar end weights. Expect new batches of the RR310 to have this. The kerb weight of the motorcycle too may go up by around 1kg.

TVS Apache RR 310

The ECU update now ensures that there is more torque in the bottom end and hence the stalling, constant revving as well as clutch slipping is taken care off. However, there is no drop in the mid and top-end performance of the motorcycle, as claimed by the user. Fuel efficiency too will remain unaffected. All the more, it might increase in the city due to the lesser gear shifts that are now required.

Near the windshield and closer to the instrument console, TVS has now added a rubber padding. This reduces the whistling noise at full clip and also helps prevent dirt from accumulating. The new chain roller prevents the chain from slapping against the frame. This was another major issue with the Apache RR310. The new unit is softer and durable as well.

We believe that this update will help bring in more customers to the showrooms. Speaking of which, now can we have more showrooms that will be allowed to sell the Apache RR310, TVS?

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