Urda Mobility forays into the Indian market

We were as perplexed as you are at that name. Urda Mobility, a bit of research on the internet tells us, is a pioneer of electric vehicles and is based out of Thailand. It is making its Indian foray in association with Ahamani e-scooters. These scooters will likely be imported into India initially but local manufacturing with a partner will be likely as well.

Urda Mobility

Ahamani e-scooters are claimed to be well accepted in Japan as well as Europe. They have high durability too. Currently, the brand has around four e-scooters in production. Out of this, India will get the Swap 5.0 unit. This e-scooter, according to Urda Mobility, has a payload capacity of 250kg, top speed of 85kmph, range of 80-120km and a fast charging option of 20 minutes. A 100 per cent charge can be obtained from the latter. These scooters will have a high gradeability as well as will be connected via Internet. Urda Mobility also claims that the battery life is quite high and is patented too. It will also be separately weather tested for the Indian market, as our country is known to be humid.

The initial lot of these e-scooters will be given to EbikeGo. The latter partners with leading delivery apps like Delhivery, Zomato,
Ferns & Petals and Vpledge. They promote e-biking big time.

Commenting on the expansion, Ankit Kumar, director & chief of strategy, UrDa Mobility said “India will be our first expansion outside of Taiwan, at UrDa we aim to bring change to the way we commute. We are eyeing the whole of South East Asia in the next 5 years with India playing a very vital role. We aim to put over 100,000 e-scooters on Indian roads in the next few years. This is only possible with a hands-on control over the vehicle quality and after sales. With the immense focus on EV industry by the Modi government, Ahamani Group is looking forward to localise e-scooters and battery packs in India. We are already in talks with major automobile & ancillary companies to partner on manufacturing of e-scooters and battery packs.”

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