TVS Expert on Wheels service started in India

This pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has taught us many a thing. For example, social distancing, washing our hands/body after every outing and so on. TVS Motor Company is very keen to follow through on these practices. While the company had extended the warranty of their products during the lockdown and also elongated the service protocol, there is one more new thing. It is called the TVS Expert on Wheels service initiative. This one ensures that customers need not visit a TVS service centre so that their vehicles can be cared for. Instead, one can just call TVS and book this service. As it is, in the lockdown customers had access to the roadside assistance, toll-free customer care numbers and the email ID. More than 6,000 customers were helped with breakdown assistance during the lockdown. Free service was given to healthcare and police officials as well.

TVS Jupiter BS-VI
TVS Expert on Wheels will cater to customers at their homes

What does the TVS Expert on Wheels do?

The TVS Expert on Wheels service initiative aims to help customers by providing for them at their doorstep. Mobile unit vans will be utilised or even TVS two-wheelers. These will be equipped with regular repair goods like lubes, engine oils, clutch wires, brake pads and the like. These service vans will also carry sanitisers while the personnel operating them will wear a face shield as well as PPE kits. The serviced vehicles might not be washed but they will be sanitised and at the same time, digital payment encouraged. There could be a minimal extra charge for this service as it is being provided at the doorstep.

More than 300 TVS dealerships across India have started this initiative. It is heartening to note that TVS is one of the few two-wheeler companies along with Suzuki to have started this. This year might also show us a more humane side of the auto industry for sure.

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