Tesla finally coming to India; deliveries by June 2021

It’s true ohh its damn true! Taking a phrase from the legendary wrestler Kurt Angle’s book, the situation here couldn’t be apt! Tesla Motors has confirmed its India entry. While Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, had earlier tweeted about an “early-2021” entry, Nitin Gadkari has confirmed this. Nitin Gadkari, who happens to be the minister for road and transport said that he has had talks with Elon and the plan is to start bookings in January 2021. Likely, deliveries will start from June 2021. The first model offensive will be that of the Tesla Model 3. This is the most affordable sedan in the manufacturer’s line-up and competes with the BMW 3 Series in terms of luxury and comfort. It will come in from China, the closest to the Indian market and will be priced at Rs 45 lakh.

Tesla’s plans, dealerships and manufacturing

Unlike other countries that arm-twisted Tesla to build Giga factories in their region, India isnt doing so. Tesla will initially take the digital route wherein bookings as well as registrations will happen online. The Model 3 will come in as a CBU. After perhaps a year or two of testing water, the brand will set up their factory either in Maharashtra or Kerala. Service centres might also be opened only at specific places initially. The brand is likely to sell products in a phased manner.

The Model 3 has a 0-100kmph time of less than 5 seconds whereas its claimed range is higher than any other Indian electric car – 450km. There is fast charging available and the car boasts semi-autonomous technology as well. In other news, customers of Tesla cars taking delivery today will get Full Self-Drive package from the company. Elon Musk has confirmed this. Obviously, it is for the other countries and not for us.

This $10,000 package is currently in its testing phase but those taking year-end deliveries deserve a special applause. Elon is doing just that.The FSD as it is called entails driver-free highway driving, overtakes, parking, automatic lane changes, traffic signal stop-go and pedestrian detection.

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