Suzuki electric scooter to be launched in India by 2020-21

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) has officially announced that they are looking at launching an Suzuki electric scooter here by 2020-21. It is being understood that the development of the new Suzuki electric scooter will happen in the company’s Japan R&D facility. The Suzuki electric scooter is being developed with not only the Indian but other European markets in mind as well. SMIPL will showcase a prototype of the vehicle, most likely at the 2020 Auto Expo. The launch should happen thereafter.

Suzuki electric scooter
Image of Suzuki e-Let’s used for reference

Satoshi Uchida, managing director, SMIPL said that the company is very keen on exploring this space since almost 40 per cent of the scooter market will go electric by 2020. There is an influx of local as well as Chinese players in India at this time with respect to electric scooters. Suzuki definitely doesn’t want to miss out on the fun and also look at increasing sales numbers. Parent company Suzuki Cars has already set up a new battery facility in Gujarat and it is likely that the battery cells for the electric scooter could be built here. Suzuki Cars along with Toyota Corporation is expected to debut their electric vehicle for the Indian market in 2020.

Suzuki electric scooter
Image of Suzuki e-Let’s meter console used for reference

Uchida mentioned that while the battery-run scooter will be developed in Japan,  the design of the scooter will be done in India. The initial cost price of the electric Suzuki scooter will be high but we expect our market to have evolved by then and accept the price as part of the deal.

Suzuki recently launched the the Burgman Street scooter in India. The Burgman is a maxi scooter which has been inspired from the internationally available Burgman 400. Suzuki has given the Burgman a front disc, combi braking, LED lights, a lockable USB charging slot near the handle bar and wide seats.

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