Suzuki Hayabusa production to end this month

Yeah, even I wiped a tear when I read this news elsewhere! The icon of our times, the Suzuki Hayabusa, can no longer be registered as a new motorcycle in Europe. The tightening Euro-IV norms are said to be the reason behind the production run end of the Suzuki Hayabusa. Not only this, the low demand for the motorcycle is also one of the key reasons for its demise. Not only is the Hayabusa using an age-old motor but the engine cannot be upgraded further to meet Euro-IV norms. While these norms had come in to effect two years ago in Europe, the governing bodies had given vehicle makers to clear their stocks within the next two years. It is said that around 150 Busas were sold in the UK last month.

Will the Suzuki Hayabusa be available in India?

Suzuki Hayabusa

The Euro-IV and BS-IV norms are slightly different. In the sense, Suzuki can continue selling the Busa here. Suzuki India has confirmed that the manufacturing process of the Busa is still being carried on unhindered. Not only this, Suzuki Europe will also send unsold stock of Busas to North America. The North American market still hasn’t implemented the Euro-IV norms and hence sales there are unaffected.

How did the Suzuki Hayabusa become an icon?

Suzuki Hayabusa

Just like the Teslas are the benchmark for electric performance cars at the moment, the Suzuki Hayabusa was one hell of a performer in the motorcycle space. This was exactly 20 years ago. The Hayabusa entered production and was the first motorcycle to lay claims about breaching the 300kmph speed mark. This triggered off the “speed wars”. Fearing a never ending battle, a truce was called for and both Kawasaki and Suzuki agreed to not breach the 300kmph mark. Unofficially though, there are many Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles that accelerated well past the 300kmph mark.

In India, the motorcycle became synonymous with speed after John Abraham used it in the movie ‘Dhoom’. Currently, it is priced at Rs 13.656 lakh, ex-Mumbai. It is likely that a more emissions friendly Suzuki superbike should be in the making and will carry the same nameplate.

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