Suzuki Access 125 with Combined Braking launched in India at Rs 58,980

Suzuki Motorcycles India Private Limited has become the fourth scooter manufacturer in the country to adopt the Combined Braking System or CBS as they call it. The Suzuki Access 125 is the first scooter from the fold to receive CBS. It is priced at Rs 58,980 and is available with the front disc trim only.  The price is Rs 600 more than the non-CBS scooter. All prices are ex-Delhi. It is likely that Suzuki may discontinue the Access 125 non-CBS trim at a later date.

That’s the new colour option that has been introduced with the Access 125 Special Edition and Suzuki will give you the contrast seat, an emblem, black alloys and black grab rail

CBS helps slow down the scooter in an effective fashion. Most of the scooter riders prefer pressing the left brake lever (this is directly connected to the rear brake). What CBS does is bring in 40 per cent of the front brake force when the rear brake lever is pulled. This ensures for much faster yet safer retardation times. While it is no substitute for ABS, CBS will be mandatory on all two wheelers below 125cc which will be rolled out from April 2019 in India. So kudos to Suzuki for adopting this early on.

CBS will help bring the scooter to a halt much more safely. It however is no substitute for ABS

There are no mechanical changes and the Access continues to run a 125cc two-valve single cylinder air cooled engine that makes 8.7PS of power and 10.2Nm of torque. The scooter is now in its second-generation in the Indian market and was introduced here at the 2016 Auto Expo. Suzuki have also used this occasion to introduce the Access 125 Special Edition. The Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition gets a new silver paint shade, Suzuki 3D emblem, black alloy wheels and a blackened grab rail. It is priced at Rs 60,580.

On another note, the Suzuki Swish stands discontinued. The scooter came to life at the 2014 Auto Expo and had a very short run of two years. A  more upmarket and feature laden Swish is available in the Japanese market and given the popularity of premium scooters here, Suzuki should not delay bringing it here.


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