Royal Enfield Scrambler 500 spotted in India

Soon after they dropped a nuclear bomb in the form of the 650 twins, Royal Enfield is now teasing us with a Scrambler model. The Royal Enfield Scrambler 500 is based on the Classic 500 chassis but has got modifications for its intended role. The motorcycle in question was spotted with an ARAI sticker which means its being tested at the Pune facility. This again is RE’s first factory-made Scrambler model. The Royal Enfield Scrambler 500 launch could be on the cards as early as January 2019 then.

Royal Enfield Scrambler 500

Give us more details of the Royal Enfield Scrambler 500

The Royal Enfield Scrambler 500 will borrow the Classic’s engine. This means a power output of 27PS and 41Nm. We believe the engine will be slightly tinkered with to make it spin a tad more faster. The upswept exhaust means the motorcycle will be happy taking on the rough too. Other visuals include a new suspension system for the back, flat two-piece seat, knobby tyres on spoke wheels, disc brakes on both ends with ABS and more. The ABS will be of the switchable kinds primarily because that will help the rider slide around on the mud before getting things in control. Handlebars of the new Scrambler 500 too have been braced. This aids in giving the handlebar extra stiffness while negotiating off-road conditions.

Royal Enfield Scrambler 500

Scramblers technically haven’t done well in the country. It could perhaps be the cost associated with them. Scramblers in the country currently are available from Ducati as well as Triumph. Benelli is also planning to bring in one. RE in the meanwhile has the price game firmly on its side. The new Royal Enfield Scrambler 500 price in India will be around Rs 1.7 lakh. At this price point, there is little to fault for. It seems RE may have another winner on its hands soon. Speaking of which, we are waiting to get our hands on the RE Scrambler too. Keep watching this space.

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