Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 first servicing costs detailed

Royal Enfield has been on an upswing ever since the launch of the 650 twins. This is the first time that an all-new RE motorcycle is in the market for sometime and there aren’t any reported issues with it. Don’t believe us? Go search the internet. This is testament of the high quality standards that the firm recently adopted. Buying a motorcycle is one aspect but maintaining it is another. Royal Enfield seems to have hit the nail on the head with this one as well. We have got our hands on the first service costs of the Continental GT 650 and boy do they look low? Like almost single cylinder level.

Continental GT 650 service schedules and costs detailed

The first free service happens at 500km or 30 days, whichever is earlier. There are three free services in all for the GT 650 and Interceptor. The second service interval is for a year or 10,000km whichever is earlier. We will come to this aspect in a while. Let’s talk about the first servicing and the costs involved in this. As you can see from the image, the engine oil filter was replaced, the engine oil was drained and 3.1 litres of fresh RE-branded oil was used. Not only this, the Continental GT 650’s chain was cleaned and lubed. What isn’t mentioned here is that the motorcycle was also washed, the brakes/lights checked and the air filter cleaned.  Labour charges for regular service tasks aren’t chargeable.

Continental GT 650 service cost

Vikram Uttam Patil, the owner of the GT 650 says that the experience was premium and there was a separate bay for the 650cc twins. He also said that the technicians seemed to be knowledgeable enough as well. The entire service was completed within an hour. Moreover, there were next to no complaints from owners regarding their motorcycle. This in itself is a testament of RE’s build quality.

It is likely that in the second service, the spark plugs may be replaced. The long interval of 10k implies the trust that RE has on its 650cc offering. The second service should cost a tad more than the first one – around Rs 3,500. This is far lower than single cylinder motorcycles from other international manufacturers that boast 300cc or above.

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