Revolt RV400 launched in India with EMI options

For the first time, a vehicle maker has announced its prices in EMIs. The Revolt RV400 price in India was decided based on EMIs. The RV400 base is priced at Rs 3,499 for 37 months while the RV400 premium is for Rs 3,999/month for the same period. There is also the Revolt RV300, a smaller range motorcycle suited only for the cities that comes in at Rs 3,000/month for 37 months. The premium model also comes with an all inclusive service plan that takes care of consumables like brake pads as well as tyres subject to conditions. Bookings have already started and one can also book on the website starting 11am tomorrow. One just needs to go to a dealership with their aadhar card. Of course, you need to pay the EMIs too. There is no registration or insurance charge that is required to be paid as well.


Tell me details of the Revolt RV400 and the smaller 300

The Revolt RV400 is a first of a kind motorcycle in India. In the sense, we only had electric scooters out here. The RV400 promises a mid-drive 3kW motor that is powered by a 72V Li-ion battery. The claimed range is 156km which can happen only in the Eco mode where speeds are limited to 45kmph. One can also use the City mode wherein the top speed will be 65kmph and range 90km. In the Sport mode, a top speed of 85kmph can be achieved as well as a limited range of 60km. As far as charging the battery is concerned, it is portable and hence can be taken by the rider to his apartment. The charging time quoted is 3.5hrs for 70 per cent and 4hrs for 100.

There are several other factors that make the RV400 unique. It gets a 5 years/75,000km product warranty while the battery has unlimited warranty. Using the Revolt Switch or battery swapping station is also free till December 31, 2019. There is also the 4g sim connectivity with OTA that is free for three years.

Now let’s talk of the smaller 300. It has a 1.5kW motor that claims a range of 150km and a top speed of 65kmph. Gets the same warranty package as the 400.

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