Rapido bike taxi introduces back shields for coronavirus protection

Rapido bike taxi has announced that it has integrated a back shield as an added measure for the safety of its riders and driver-partners. The shield weighs 400gms and will be worn by the captains during rides. This will reduce the chance of any contact between the rider and the captain. It is a lightweight PVC board that will remain attached to the captain’s back like a rucksack. It covers the captain’s body and maintains a distance between the rider and the captain. These boards will be given away to the captains for free along with the installation on the bikes. This will keep the captains burden-free through these difficult times.

Rapido bike taxi has conducted test rides in cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Jaipur with around 800 captains wearing the shield. The test focused on various aspects like aerodynamics of the shield, build-quality, and comfort of the captain along with the rider.

Rapido bike taxi

What more has Rapido bike taxi done to battle coronavirus?

In addition, Rapido bike taxi has also rolled out other mandate rules that protect the captains and riders equally. It includes using the Arogya Setu app for observing the health of the captains, wearing mask, hairnet, using sanitisers. The unspoken rule of wearing helmets while riding too is being implemented. Maintaining personal hygiene, sanitising the bike’s touchpoints, a checklist of items that must be adhered to before every ride. These rules have been set up for the protection of employees and customers along with reducing the spread of the novel Coronavirus. The company recently added a policy where the customer or captain can cancel the ride if either is not wearing a mask. No cancellation fees will be applicable on either.

Furthermore, captains can also refuse a ride it means going to a containment zone. Rapido has been sanitising it’s fleet right from the time coronavirus-induced lockdown was announced.

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