Polarity Smart Bikes launched in India at Rs 38,000

Pune-based electric vehicle start-up, Polarity Smart Bikes have launched their vehicles in India. The pedal-assisted electric bikes are available in Sport and Executive versions. Pre-bookings have already started on the company’s website for a refundable deposit of Rs 1,001. In the first quarter of 2020, deliveries are expected to begin. The prices are given below.

What’s the speciality of Polarity Smart Bikes?

All the pedal-assisted cycles here have a BLDC hub motor that is powered by a Li-ion battery. Depending on the vehicle purchased, the voltage will vary – 40-80V. A minimum recharge cycle of 1,000 is been spoken about. Moreover, there is a warranty of three years on the battery. Depending on voltage, one will be able to charge the battery using a 5A home adapter. An optional 10A fast charger too can be provided. The range of all the vehicles is 80km+. Top speed is 100kmph for one trim while the minimum is 45kmph.

The S3K as well as E3K also get GPS and Bluetooth function, both being top of the line trims. Kerb weight of these Polarity Smart Bikes are under 55kg. Polarity says that this low kerb weight has enabled them to have a better performance as well as range. There is also a Polarity app that will help the user monitor the vehicle diagnostics, location as well as service logs. One can also customise the vehicle according to their needs. Speaking of which, these bikes come with USD front forks, LED headlights, digital instrument cluster as well as disc brakes at both ends.

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