Okinawa R30 electric scooter price, specs, features

In the electric two-wheeler world, Okinawa is one of the manufacturers in India that is coming out with new scooters time and again. In this pandemic, the company has introduced the new Okinawa R30 electric scooter. The Okinawa R30 electric scooter price in India is Rs 58,992, ex-showroom. This is a low speed scooter. The colours include Sunrise Yellow, Pearl White, Sea Green, Glossy Red and Metallic Orange. One can now book the scooter online or at a dealership for Rs 2,000. Okinawa dealers promise a delivery in less than a month. There is no registration required for this scooter. In fact, the R30 is based on the Okinawa Ridge scooter. The latter is a lead acid battery-based scooter. The same plastic body is used in both. Here are the new scooter’s specs, features, and other details.

Okinawa R30 electric scooter

Okinawa R30 electric scooter specifications

The Okinawa R30 uses a 250watt, BLDC motor that is waterproof. Okinawa promises a range of 60km/charge. The charging time quoted is 3-4 hours and there is no fast charger available. The detachable 1.25kWh Li-ion brings in a lesser charging time but a lower range as well. If one opts for the Ridge 30, the range is 90km. The top speed on both is 25kmph. A 3-year warranty is being provided on the R30.

Okinawa offers a fully-digital instrument cluster. The headlamp as well as tail light are halogen in nature. 10-inch alloy wheels are provided at the front as well as rear. Okinawa brings in drum brakes at the front as well as rear. There is regenerative braking dialled in but no CBS. A hydraulic front suspension and a dual shock absorber is provided at the rear. The boot space is 19 litres while the ground clearance is 160mm.

This new Okinawa R30 electric scooter is claimed to be 100% made-in-India. While that is debatable, a fact cannot be denied that Okinawa scooters are one of the highest sold in India.

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