Odysse Electric Vehicles festive offers gets you upto Rs 9,000 discount

Odysse Electric Vehicles, a company founded in March 2020, has now announced festive season offers for its prospective customers. Odysse is headquartered out of Mumbai whereas it has a plant in Ahmedabad. The company has three products on offer for the customers. These are the Evoqis, Hawk and Racer. Those buying these EVs from today till November 15, stand to get benefits. Buy one of these electric vehicles and you get a Rs 6,000 worth one-night stay at the Camellia Villas, Lonavala. Not only this, there are also gift coupons worth Rs 3,000 with every booking. At present, the company has six operational dealerships across India. All these outlets have an attached service centre with them. More than 10 new outlets are being planned and these will be functional by March 2021. By the end of 2021, Odysse aims to enhance its appearance to more than 25 cities.

Odysse Electric Vehicles

What is the new bit with Odysse Electric Vehicles?

Unlike other EV makers, apart from Evolet, Odysse Electric Vehicles boast a portfolio that also includes a sportsbike. The Evoqis as it is called, looks very much like a Kawasaki Ninja 300. It in fact has similar paint schemes too. There aren’t too many details about this product though. Odysse claims a top speed of 80kmph, 3,000watt motor and a Li-ion battery with quick charging. The Odysse Evoqis electric sportsbike price in India is Rs 1.50 lakh and while deliveries haven’t started, one can book it for Rs 2,000. The bike can be booked online too.

Other Odysse products include the Hawk, Hawk+ and Racer models. All these are scooters and have a top speed of 45kmph. The first two also have a music system as well as cruise control. Disc brakes at the front are a standard affair for all the Odysse two-wheelers. It is only a matter of time before we come to know if Odysse can be an Ather or will be sidelined by the biggies.


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