New Mercedes-Benz GLE advanced suspension first look

Mercedes-Benz has just showcased the new GLE to the media in a star studded event at Texas. The new Mercedes-Benz GLE  not only shows an improvement in looks over the outgoing version but is also tech laden. And we certainly are making an understatement here with the kind of tech on offer. It seems most of the gizmos from the S-Class have made their way here and some more.  Here are all the details you should know about the new Mercedes-Benz GLE.

New Mercedes-Benz GLE

Tell me more about the new Mercedes-Benz GLE

We will start with the tech bit. One must have heard of the new age off-road tech as well as on-road bits. The new Mercedes-Benz GLE takes it a notch higher. This GLE has a suspension system that adjusts each and every coil, spring and damping force at each wheel. Forget pitch and squat, this one will also counter body roll. The underlying force still is an airmatic suspension. However it has been retuned and is combined to a 48-volt electrical system.

New Mercedes-Benz GLE

When driven on potholed riddled surfaces or even uneven roads, the hydropneumatics will ensure that the air suspension forces are overlaid and its tuning will help achieve better control. Not only this, while off-roading if the GLE were to get stuck, there is a free-driving mode. This one, when engaged, will detect the surroundings and analyse how deep is the vehicle stuck. Accordingly, the GLE on its own will start to raise or lower the suspension, reduce tyre pressure and start rocking itself for maximum traction.

New Mercedes-Benz GLE

Additionally, the driver can also adjust individual wheel articulation based on the surface he is travelling. A touchscreen display in the car can be used to do this. It will also display which spring has got maximum rebound and stuff. Ultra cool, isn’t it? The bummer is that less than 5% of future GLE owners will venture off-road, much less experience this tech.

On-road, one will definitely experience the Curve-inclination function. The function basically scans the road ahead and pushes the car to eliminates most of the centrifugal force experienced while cornering. The Road Surface Scan stereo multipurpose camera will also check ahead for undulations and accordingly prepare the suspension.


What about the engines of the new Mercedes-Benz GLE

New Mercedes-Benz GLE

There are all-new 6-cylinder engines available with the new Mercedes-Benz GLE. The entry point is the 450 4MATIC. This one brings in a 367PS/500Nm turbo petrol that is also available with a 22PS/250Nm EQ boost function. Mercedes has paired an integrated starter motor with this engine and claims that it gives significant fuel economy gains. A diesel as well as plug-in variant will follow soon enough.

We expect Mercedes-Benz India to bring in the new GLE sometime next year. The new Mercedes-Benz GLE price in India will likely be higher than that of the current model. Which in turn means one can go to a Merc dealer now and haggle pretty much for discounts on the current model.

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