Mumbai-Pune expressway truckers to be fined Rs 1,000 for lane cutting

Wow! People who have traveled on the Mumbai-Pune expressway have always loved the convenience that this road provides. The 6-lane highway was inaugurated in 2002 however its wide spread use started post 2008. It takes usually around two hours from Pune-Mumbai and vice versa. However, this depends on the traffic conditions. The Mumbai-Pune highway police have now decided to make things even better for daily users. They are going to fine truckers who violate lane discipline.

A view of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway from the Amrutanjan Bridge in Pune (Pratham Gokhale/HT Photo)


It was noted recently that many of the accidents happen on the smaller ghat section just shy of Lonavala from the Mumbai end. This was because heavy vehicles which are supposed to occupy the left-most lane have been found plying on the middle lane. This leads to smaller vehicles overtaking them from the left, a blind spot for the trucks, causing accidents. These trucks are expected to ply at 60kmph speed, however the ghat sections cause their speeds to drop and hence they run at 30kmph. Moreover, if a truck encounters an obstacle while climbing an incline, it likely rolls back, has to expend double the energy or even hits another vehicle.

You were speaking of a Rs 1,000 fine…

After the speed limit was increased from 80kmph to 120kmph, a noticeable increase in accidents was observed. Authorities in the know say that starting from August 1, 2019 if the trucks are found driving in the middle lane or right-most path of the Mumbai-Pune expressway, they will be fined. The fine will begin with Rs 100 for first time offenders while a repeat offence will be fined Rs 1,000. It is but natural that the truckies have to stay in their left lane now. How the highway plans to implement it is another story and something we will have to wait and see if it turns a success.

Approximately around 43,000 vehicles use the e-way everyday. The e-way is designed to take on around one lakh vehicles each day. The toll amount for passenger four wheelers is Rs 230 till Pune while Lonavala is Rs 130.

Source: Mata Online


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