Mother rides Honda Grazia scooter 1,400km to bring stranded son home

It seems a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie! A mother rides 1,400km just to bring her stranded son home. No Luna or something, it was a Honda Grazia. The Honda Grazia as of now has been removed from the company’s website. Don’t worry, it will be relaunched as the BS6 version in some time. Back to the story in question. The woman in question, Razia Begum is the headmistress of a government school in Hyderabad. Her son, Mohammad Nizamuddin, who studies in Narayana Medical Academy, Hyderabad, had gone to Andhra Pradesh last month. The boy was visiting his friend’s ailing father there. He was supposed to return to Hyderabad on April 23.

Did Razia ride all the way from Hyderabad to Andhra Pradesh on the Honda Grazia?

Around the same time, Razia was getting restless as Mohammad hadn’t returned yet. She is said to have approached the Hyderabad police commissioner multiple times, for advice. She was asked to wait it out. That’s when she took matters in her own hands and decided to bring her son herself. The family owned a Honda Grazia and Razia decided to cover the 700km distance to bring her son home. She was said to have been stopped at multiple checkpoints but was let go. Perhaps, if she had opted for a car, then the case will have been different.

About her journey, even her son didn’t know that his mom is coming to pick him up. Its only when she reached the outskirts of Hyderabad, did she decide to give him a call. The mother and son then covered the 700km return journey in three days on the Honda Grazia scooter. It indeed is commendable to see a lady do this on a scooter and especially one with no prior experience. It also shows that a mother’s love has no bounds.

AutoAlive salutes her spirits but at the same time, it would have been the perfect story had she followed riding rules. For example, wearing a proper ISI helmet (none of her images on social media show her with one) and putting mirrors on the Honda Grazia scooter.

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