MG e-ZS spotted testing in India

There is a lot of buzz around MG Motors these days. Seems like the company wants to take this buzz a notch higher. We like the fact that more often than not, the company is happy to announce its plans well in advance. MG Motors’ next product in India will be the e-ZS electric car. Yes, an all electric car from the British company is set to grace our streets. Autoalive spotted a test mule doing its runs outside Gurgaon recently.

Interesting! What’s new in the MG e-ZS?

MG teaming up with Fortum Electric is proof enough that the company is keen on setting up infrastructure before its product is brought down here. However, not every city in the country will get the e-ZS. Only Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad will get the car initially. Moreover, the car will come in as a CKD which ensures that the company will be able to meet the Rs 23 lakh targeted price. Not surprisingly, the Kona electric too is expected to have the same price tag when it goes on sale on July 9.

Onto the mechanicals then. The 18-module battery as well as the 45kWh power it brings are to be expected. The car should have a claimed range of 300km. However, given the challenges, MG might opt for a lower powered unit too. Just like the Hector, even this one is expected to come with a five year warranty and a host of features. This will include the Internet Connectivity suite that was introduced in the Hector. MG aims to promote the e-ZS as a sporty electric SUV, something that even the Kona is pointing towards.

Who do you think will win the battle? Are you ready to buy an all-electric car for Rs 25 lakh? Do let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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