Maruti Suzuki recalls Swifts and Baleno for a possible brake vacuum hose issue in India

Maruti Suzuki is churning out one best seller after another. While the sales for the new Maruti Suzuki Swift are at an all time high, the company is now urging owners of a certain batch of cars to get the vehicles checked at a service centre. The issue seems to be with the brake vacuum hose pipe that could lead to uneven brake pressure. Around 52,686 cars have been affected and these Swift as well as Balenos were manufactured between December 1, 2017 to March 18, 2018. From May 14, 2018, dealers will start contacting customers proactively to come down for a checkup and replace the part if deemed faulty. The replacement will be free of cost to the customer. If you own a new Maruti Suzuki Swift or Baleno and your vehicle’s manufacturing date falls in the aforementioned period, then put in your vehicle chassis number (printed on the RC book, insurance copy and on the ID plate on the driver side door) here.


Petrol as well as diesel variants of the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Baleno have been affected by this recall. Manufacturers pick up one car out of each batch that rolls out of the factory. This car is then subjected to various tests over a period of time. This done to ensure that the quality of components used in the car are top notch and will withstand time. Over a certain period, manufacturers keep on changing their choice of vendors who supply the parts. This may sometime lead to a part of slightly lower quality being used in a car and which may lead to loss of performance in the future. Customers too can complain if they feel a certain part isn’t working up to their expectation and the manufacturer is bound to investigate this. If they find that too many customers are coming in with the same issue, an investigation is launched and if deemed faulty, the part is replaced free of cost. This is a global practice.


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