Mahindra Mojo electric spied testing in India

Mahindra doesn’t seem to have given up on its two wheeler business yet. The automotive major now seems to be testing an electric prototype of its flagship Mojo motorycle. The Mahindra Mojo electric was spotted testing near the Bosch factory in Bangalore. Launched in 2015, the regular Mojo was joined by a UT trim last year. This one removed most of the bells and whistles to accord an affordable entry price.

The Mahindra Mojo electric can be distinguished from its regular trims in this image. There is no gear lever for instance. Mahindra have also added more body panels around what should ideally be the powertrain in the regular trims. The regular chain drive too has been ditched in favour of a belt drive. If you notice closely, the fuel tank shrouds have air intakes in them. The fuel cap though is the same unit as the conventional powered Mojo. However, it may be used to plug the motorcycle in for charging. That it is surrounded by other electric scooters may also not be happenstance and could be an indication of some imminent component testing.

Mahindra Mojo electric


Mahindra Mojo electric engine

Mahindra has big plans with the Mojo, displaying it first in 2010, then finally launching the product late in 2015. The Mojo has a 300cc liquid cooled single cylinder fuel injected engine that makes 27PS of power and 30Nm of torque. For the more affordable UT 300, the same engine in a detuned state is used and has a carburettor too. In this state, the engine produces 23PS and 25Nm of torque. The gearbox is a 6-speed unit. No details about the battery or range of the Mahindra Mojo electric are known at the moment.

Having the Mojo electric in its portfolio is likely to give a boost to the Mahindra motorcycle range. It will give it a first mover advantage. The brand itself has a couple of EVs in its four wheeler portfolio and having an electric bike makes sense. However, the launch timelines are still unclear. Given the time Mahindra took to bring in the conventional Mojo, the electric one seems a distant dream.

Image source: Cartoq

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