KTM 390 Duke to be fitted with Monsoon Kit in India

The KTM 390 Duke which is being fitted with a Monsoon Kit in India. Customers of the KTM 390 Duke have been asked to get their motorcycles to the workshops to get this “kit” fitted. Part of the kit includes pillion seat damping bushes, ECU bracket as well as a damper for the headlight. All these additions will be done without any cost to the customer.

KTM 390 Duke

Each of these parts mentioned here have specific functions. For example, the new pillion seat damping bushes help increase the distance between the seat and the tail light. There were cases where customers have reported that the tail light unit had cracked due to a heavy pillion. The new headlight damper prevents vibrations from bobbing the headlight. Cases have been reported ever since the Duke came out that the new headlight assembly vibrates quite a bit. The all-LED headlights too will randomly shut on and off. KTM is flashing the ECU of the motorcycles with this reported problems. The new ECU bracket will help protect the ECU from water and other elements.

As far as the new KTMs are concerned, the 2017 390 Duke has had teething quality issues right from the beginning. A batch of the motorcycles were recalled in Europe for fuel injection issues. KTM India at that point had said that these issues didn’t affect the Indian bikes. However, reports soon emerged about the headlight unit being erratic. Upon hitting bumps, the headlights will go off and refuse to restart until a soft reset (turning the ignition off and then on again).

History of KTM 390 Duke

Customers have taken to KTM India’s range of motorcycles like fish to water. The affordable mix of performance and a relatively lower price point has elevated KTM’s status quo in India. The Austrian manufacturer is partly owned by Bajaj. KTM will launch the 390 Duke-based adventure motorcycle sometime next year. The said motorcycle is expected to provide terrific value for money and at the same time excellent performance.

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