Kia Seltos launched in India at Rs 9.67 lakh

Okay, so we are being honest here. This is the most awaited car of the year for sure. A debut by a relatively new Korean carmaker in India. The Kia Seltos, as we write this, is one of the most competitively priced SUVs in India. The Kia Seltos price in India starts from Rs 9.69 lakh and goes all the way to Rs 16 lakh, ex-showroom. This is an introductory price while the company says that there are more than 32,000 bookings. One can book the SUV online or through the 256+ dealerships in the country. 

We know about the Seltos details. How did they manage to price it so competitively?

The secret lies in the engineering. Mind you, this is an introductory price.  Kia says that they are well equipped to dispatch 5,000 vehicles right away. The bookings won’t stop either. Production can be ramped up soon too. Heavy localisation and having a vendor network within your factory premises helps immensely.

Kia has priced the car lower than the Creta. This is in line with the global Hyundai strategy where the former is always on top. The Creta base petrol is priced at Rs 10 lakh. In the meanwhile, the top-spec petrol Creta model is for Rs 14.17 lakh and the Seltos is for Rs 13.79 lakh. Both these are automatics. 

The Seltos’ diesel starts from Rs 9.99 lakh, the same as the Creta’s unit. This is commendable considering that the Creta boasts a 1.4-litre BS-IV diesel engine while the Seltos has a more powerful 1.5. The price ratio shifts in the Creta’s favour now with respect to mid-spec trims. The Creta diesel auto comes only with the bigger 128PS, 1.6-litre engine. Surprisingly, it is the most affordable (Rs 13.36 lakh) of the 1.6-diesel trims. The Seltos diesel AT is for Rs 13.19 lakh. All this while the top-end Seltos auto diesel is Rs 50,000 more than the Creta’s comparative trim. 

You can read all about the variants, features and  specifications here. We thought we shouldn’t be boring you with what’s been already discussed at length. The additional bit here is that deliveries have already started and Kia has a 3-year/unlimited kilometres warranty. You can extend it by an additional two years by paying extra. 

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