Kawasaki Z250 discontinued in India; Z300 incoming?

Kawasaki India has been having a busy year as far as sportsbike makers are concerned. The Japanese brand has been bringing in fresh models to its India line-up. It seems that the bikemaker is now looking to bring in a new entry-level model. The Kawasaki Z250 has been taken off the official website. This signals that Kawasaki is looking to get in the Z300 or perhaps the Z400 to the Indian market.

Why is the Kawasaki Z250 being discontinued?

Kawasaki Z250

A quick check with a dealer confirmed that Kawasaki had in fact discontinued the Z250 in India last year. This is because of the poor sales numbers. Moreover, the Z250 was also a pricey proposition. A source also said that the Kawasaki Z300 or 400, both of which are available internationally, are not in the pipeline either.

If you were to ask us, we believe that the Kawasaki Z300 makes more sense. It is a parallel-twin, boasts the highest power and torque numbers in its class and will also have a killer pricing. Something closer to the newest Honda on the block, the CB300R, will ensure that there are more footfalls at Kawasaki showrooms.

The Ninja 300 went CKD late last year and this lead to a near double increase in the sales numbers. This was further pushed in the right direction with affordable spare parts as well. Kawasaki could use this opportunity to bring in the Z300 as the z250 replacement.

Kawasaki Z400

Currently, the naked Kawasaki line-up begins with the Z650. This parallel-twin engined motorcycle is again not a hot favourite, primarily because of its diminutive size. The Ninja 650 sees better numbers though its marginally more expensive.

What do you think? Which motorcycle should Kawasaki now launch as its new entry-level naked offering in India? The comments section is all yours. Go beserk!

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