#FixRoadsElseNoVotes: Thane residents to not vote in upcoming elections

How often have we come roads that are in good condition in India. Barring few highways, the situation is the same everywhere. You have craters in the name of potholes and poorly marked or lit roads. Numerous appeals to the government are falling in deaf ears and the local corporators or governing body isn’t doing anything as well. It is time for Ganesh Chaturthi and by default, you will see construction workers trying to fill the debris with mud. It now seems that Thane residents have had enough of this. Enter campaign #FixRoadsElseNoVotes


A group of Thane residents have come together to start what is called #FixRoadsElseNoVotes campaign. They say that this is a way to get their message across to the politicians and corporators. These are the very same people who will contest the upcoming elections. A simple travel from Thane’s Hiranandani estate to Vikhroli, which are 25kms apart takes around 2.3-3.00 hours. This is against the previous 20 minutes. Residents say that it takes the end up wasting more than 5-6 precious hours daily negotiating traffic and end up frustrated at the end of the day.

These residents have been tweeting about the plight of the roads, traffic jams and alternative routes with the aforementioned hashtag. They have also got more than 1,500 signatures from motorists in and around Thane. They started off their protests early in the morning today by keeping their blinkers and headlights on till the  Thane toll. This was done to get the attention of the authorities. You can find the campaigners for #FixRoadsElseNoVotes on Facebook at RoCoForum and on Twitter.  

AutoAlive’s take on the #FixRoadsElseNoVotes campaign

This is a commendable effort by the Thane citizens. It is a shame that the residents have to end up doing these kind of non-disruptive protests to grab the attention of the authorities. Where does the money collected from the tolls go? No wonder, the PWD minister to appease the residents has waived toll on the Mulund and Airoli entry points.

Using hazards while driving in the rain is a wrong practice. Use them when you are parked on the side of the road or if there has been a breakdown

However, protesting with the blinkers on is a road safety hazard. A moving vehicle with hazards signifies something is wrong with it. It is a warning for others to maintain a safe distance. Imagine if 20-30 cars following each other with their hazards on will create a traffic jam or worse still an accident. Keeping the lights on makes more sense though.

We will keep you updated on the status of their agitation and how the authorities respond as well.


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