Hyundai Elite i20 scores three stars in Global NCAP crash test

Global NCAP in its relentless quest to make cars safer for well, the global markets has been listing out results day in and day out. This time, the mantra is #SaferCarsForAfrica. The crash test organisation has now tested the made-in-India Hyundai Elite i20 which is sold in South Africa. The results are again shocking – the car has managed to score only three stars.

How did the Hyundai Elite i20 score only three stars?

The model tested in South Africa had dual airbags, ABS and had a driver seat belt reminder.  Global NCAP notes that the protection offered to the driver and passenger’s head and neck were good. Chest of the driver showed marginal protection while the passenger chest showed adequate protection. It was also noted that the driver’s knees showed marginal protection while passenger’s knees showed adequate and
marginal protection. It was also mentioned that the knees of the front occupants could hit the dangerous structures behind the dashboard supported by the tranfascia tube.

In terms of child occupant safety, the 18 month old child dummy had good protection to head and chest. The 3-year old child dummy was however noted to have excessive forward movement exposing the head to risks during the test. The car does not offer 3 point belts in all seating positions.  ISOFIX also is not part of the standard fare. The car offers the possibility to disable passenger airbag as standard.

Hyundai Elite i20

The body shell of the Hyundai Elite i20 was rated as unstable. The vehicle was not capable of withstanding further loadings, in short a second collision will not be able to save any occupants.

GNCAP further says that the Europe-spec Hyundai Elite i20 is different than the South African one.  ESC, side body airbags and side curtain airbags are on offer as standard equipment in the European version.

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