Hyundai and Audi partner for fuel cell technology

After the news that Ford and Volkswagen are teaming up for better synergies, in comes news that Hyundai and Audi have inked a deal for fuel cell technology. This agreement is not limited to just Hyundai and Audi and will over time trickle down to the other members of the group namely Kia and the entire Volkswagen Group. Over the years, affiliates of Hyundai and Audi will use this technology in their vehicles. Duration of this agreement between the two is yet to be announced.

Mutual access to fuel cell technology components will be one of the key take-aways from this partnership. The Korean car maker already has the ix35 fuel cell vehicle in production while Audi has  been at the forefront of fuel cell technology development in the VW group for the last 20 years. Hyundai also displayed the Nexo fuel cell vehicle that can run 805km and takes about five minutes to refuel. As a first step of this partnership, Audi will have access to Hyundai’s technology know-how from these two vehicles. Hyundai’s huge Fuel Cell Vehicles supply chain will also be accessible to Audi. The Korean currently sells FCEVs in more than 18 countries across the globe.

Hyundai  Mobis, the key component supplier for FCEVs to the group will also have a major role to play and will be expanding soon to accommodate Audi’s needs. As of now, the deal is to share parts and know-how limited to cars which don’t compete with each other. However, the chances of co-developing a car in the future and cross selling it is not being ruled out as of now. The first vehicle to come out of Audi’s stables will be in 2021 and will most likely be a FCEV based on an existing SUV.

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