Honda XBlade ABS launched in India at Rs 89,437

We loved the Honda XBlade when we first rode it earlier this year. It has everything someone graduating from a 100cc will need. There was decent power, pillion comfort as well as a delectable ride and handling package. However, there was one thing lacking and that was ABS. Honda didn’t provide it even as an option. However, now the company has silently released the Honda XBlade ABS. The Honda XBlade ABS price in Mumbai is Rs 89,437, ex-showroom. A few dealers we spoke to, confirmed that the ABS version is on its way from the factory. One can book the motorcycle for Rs 5,000 now.
What’ new in the Honda XBlade ABS?
As the name suggests, ABS is the new addition to this motorcycle. It is a single channel unit, similar to the one seen in the Hornet. The front wheel ABS prevents the wheel from locking under hard braking thereby lending the rider maneuverability in panic situations. Government laws mandate that all new motorcycles manufactured post April 2019 need to have ABS. Honda equipping one of its more popular bikes with the same, is proof that manufacturers are racing to beat the due date.
Mechanically, the motorcycle is similar to the regular XBlade. The engine is a 14PS/14Nm 160cc air cooled unit. A 5-speed gearbox too is available. Visually, apart from the ABS stickers on the front shocks and the ABS indicator in the instrument console, there isn’t much to distinguish. The Honda XBlade ABS weighs in at 142kg, 2kg more than the standard motorcycle. Price as noted has increased by Rs 7,500. Whether or not buyers will want to shell out this much money in a price sensitive segment, remains to be seen.

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