Honda Navi discontinued in India: Only for export market

We knew this was coming. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India has discontinued its pet project, the Navi. The Honda Navi was shown at the 2016 Auto Expo but now has been given the axe. In its initial year run, the Navi sold more units than what it managed as a combined effort in the next few ones. The Honda Navi was designed in India and even conceptualised. Now it feels that the Navi will be made only for the export market. Which ones, we aren’t sure but there might just be a market for a funky young bike-scooter.

Why is the Honda Navi being discontinued?

The Navi was built on the Activa chassis. It had small 12-inch wheels and that too blacked steel. There were telescopic front forks (imagine, when the Activa still used a trailing link) and a hydraulic unit at the rear. The Honda Navi design was styled on the modern Grom 125.

The parts and bits that were used belonged to other Honda India products. For example, the switchgear was from the Activa while the indicators as well as tail lights were from the CBF Stunner. Honda also gave a very simple dials to the two-wheeler. There was no fuel indicator initially but the Navi boasted a tank capacity of 3.5 litres. Strictly an urban runabout then.

The Honda Navi used the Activa’s trusted 110c powertrain. At launch, it was BS3 but was subsequently upgraded to meet BS4 norms. The engine made 8PS of power and 8.9Nm. The transmission was variomatic and claimed efficiency was 60kmpl. There were drum brakes at both ends, with CBS. The ground clearance was 156mm. The Navi weighed just 99kg and came with multiple customisation options. One could also keep their bag, where one will expect to find the engine in a bike.
We had ridden the Navi and found it to be a fun if a tad too compact vehicle. It will grab attention on the road too. However, the fact that the Navi found fewer takers over the years and its price was up by Rs 10,000 from the initial Rs 39,500 launch, meant an early demise. BS6 conversion will have meant a steeper asking price, with no significant takeaway for the customer.  Perhaps a bigger and bit more higher powered 125cc engine will do wonders.
Fun fact: During the 2017 BS3 to BS4 conversion, Honda was giving the Navi free to customers who purchase the CBR250R. Unfortunately nothing of this sort is going to happen this time. A) There are no CBRs around, B) The Navi production stopped way back in November 2019.
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