Honda Activa 6G anniversary edition launched; Here’s whats new!

The Honda Activa has been the ubiquitous Indian scooter for 20 years now. Back in 2000 when it was launched, the term “scooty” came to be quickly adapted to anything with the badge Activa on it. More than two crore models have been sold so far in our market. While the earlier Activas didn’t have anything path breaking, the later units brought in Combined Braking System (CBS) that now even the Indian government has now mandated. To celebrate this occasion, HMSI is now offering the Honda Activa 6G anniversary edition model. This model might just be on sale for a limited period. There are two new colours on offer – Matte Mature Brown as well as Pearl Nightstar Black. The scooters will be on sale from December and are priced at Rs 66,816 for Standard and Rs 68,316, ex-Gurugram.

Honda Activa 6G anniversary edition

These prices are Rs 1,500 more than the respective regular Activa 6G.

What special do I get with the Honda Activa 6G anniversary edition?

The Honda Activa 6G anniversary edition gets a golden logo. It also has matching seat colours with the body paint. Matching grab rails are also added. Black steel wheels and brown inner panels too have been provided. We say its worth the Rs 1,500 over the regular Activa. For 2020, as it is, the Activa is in its sixth generation though its immediately recognisable as one. It has got a new engine as well as 26 patent pending features. This includes the ACG, engine kill switch, and more. Honda has finally given telescopic front suspension as well as a bigger 12-inch front wheel.

The Honda Activa has competition from the TVS Jupiter. The latter offers good value as well and has many variants too. There is no disc brake on offer on either now. Honda though has a higher warranty on offer but as optional. Which one will you choose? Our spec comparo below will help you compare.

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Honda Activa 6g vs TVS Jupiter


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