GoZero Mobility forays into the Indian market

These coming days, you are going to hear a lot about electric vehicle makers making their way to the Indian market. With the government’s vision of going fully electric by 2030, the Indian auto market is flooded with invasions from Chinese, Japanese as well as now British electric vehicle makers. GoZero Mobility, from England, has now announced its plans of bringing its electric bike to the Indian market. Two new electric bikes will be coming to a showroom near you this March.

Sounds interesting! Tell me more about GoZero Mobility

GoZero Mobility has been doing R&D about the Indian market conditions for the last one year. They have narrowed down and are now launching their flagship products in the Indian market. These will be the Mile and One e-bikes. The Mile is the one that has a lower range of the two. It gets a 300Wh Li-ion battery pack which provides a range of 45km. The One has a bigger 400Wh Li-ion battery that boasts a range of 60km. Both the e-bikes come with a cruise mode, pedal assist, manual pedal and walk mode.

To ensure that the cost of the bicycles remains competitive, GoZero is ensuring that Kolkata-based Kirti Solar helps them out with the marketing and manufacturing in India. Kirti Solar is said to have invested $250,000 in GoZero. Moreover, future products will be co-developed by both the firms. Not only this, GoZero will also be launching its signature range of lifestyle merchandise designed in the UK, which includes tees, sweat shirts, jackets, belts, and wallets etc.

On expansion into the Indian market, GoZero Mobility CEO, Ankit Kumar said “With the significant focus by the Government of India towards Electric Mobility especially 2-wheelers, we see this as an appropriate time for us to be here. E-bikes globally is playing a major role allowing the user to commute faster and contribute towards curbing pollution & reducing traffic congestion. In last few weeks, we have seen the worst of AQI in cities like New Delhi, this is an alarming situation and requires immediate attention. We see E-bikes to play a major role in transforming the way we commute in India. GoZero is determined to offer products with optimum performance and create a green-way to commute.”

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