Ford-Mahindra SUV likely to be displayed at Auto Expo 2020

Ford and Mahindra have collaborated recently for electric vehicles as well as for co-developing cars. It seems that a B as well as C-segment SUV has been green lighted now. Ford is also said to be working on cutting down its parts supplier costs by using cost effective solution from Mahindra. The compact SUV which will be jointly developed by Ford-Mahindra is expected to debut at the Auto Expo 2020. It should go on sale soon thereafter. However, the C-segment SUV is yet to be conceptualised.

EcoSport image used as a representation

While the Ford-Mahindra SUVs are in development, both the companies will also share electric powertrains. Mahindra is an expert when it comes to electric powertrains and has a couple of vehicles on sale in India as well. Mahindra will also be expanding its Bengaluru facility this week to this effect. While details are scarce at the moment, it is likely that this expansion will also have some investment from Ford. The Mahindra-Ford electric range of vehicles will likely be built from here as well.


It is a known secret that Ford India is looking to bring out an electric version of the Aspire sedan. Mahindra will be providing the powertrain solution for the sedan. As it is, Mahindra already sells the e-Verito in India and Ford will stand to gain immensely from the system synergies. Since uniform GST is charged on battery-powered vehicles, both the e-Verito and Aspire electric could be priced similarly.

With the Ford-Mahindra deal, what happens to ‘One Ford’ philosophy?

Ford has this policy of ‘One Ford’ throughout the world. So you basically get the same car everywhere in the world. However, it seems that for the Indian market, this philosophy isn’t working. So it is likely that with the Ford-Mahindra association, the ‘One Ford’ thinking will take a back seat. Future connected vehicles from the car maker may not be available to the rest of the world.


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