Flipkart Ekart to be electric vehicles soon

We must have often seen those smoke belching delivery fans with Ekart written on them. Seems like conscience has caught up with one of India’s largest e-retailer, Flipkart. The Bangalore-based giant has decided to switch to electric vehicles for its last mile delivery. The announcement comes as a part of Flipkart’s sustainability commitment as it aims to reinvigorate efforts towards building technologies for solving crucial environment and civic issues. In line with this, Flipkart aims to introduce electric vehicles in its last-mile delivery network, in a phased manner. The aim is to replace nearly 40% of its existing last mile fleet of delivery vans with EVs by March 2020, starting with nearly 160 EVans to be deployed across cities by the end of 2019. 

Flipkart EVs

Electric vehicle manufacturers in India will stand to gain as well. The e-commerce website will have various discussions with the makers and come up with a suitable as well as feasible design. More than eight EVs in Hyderabad, 10 in Delhi and 30 e-motorcycles have been deployed in Bangalore. This move should prompt others like Amazon, Myntra and so on to deploy electric vehicles.

We as an end-user also stand to gain from this. The wider adoption of EVs will mean more vehicles in the ecosystem. This will prompt both the makers and government to find affordable ways of making EVs. As a result, buying an EV for personal use will not cost a bomb. At the moment, the FAME II scheme benefits the commercial operator more than a private one.

Given a chance, will you buy an EV? If yes, what will be your concerns or questions. If no, why wouldn’t you want to buy into the future? Niti Aayog wants every vehicle manufacturer to switch to EV from 2025. The intention behind this is to reduce the dependence on the depleting fossil fuels.

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