Fill the potholes or no tolls: Thane MLA takes up citizens cause

Since the rainy season has begun, the roads in and around Thane have worsened causing big trouble to the daily commuters. Bad roads, traffic jams have now become a routine. After many protests, silent mutters under breath and raising disputes, finally the leaders have stood up for their people.

pothole deaths

We have good news for Thane citizens and for people who often commute via Thane-Ghodbunder, Thane-Mumbai, Bhiwandi bypass, Shilphata and Uran-Panvel. Thane guardian and MLA Eknath Shinde has raised this concern and a warning has been issued to highway construction and management agencies to either fix the potholes in next 10 days or no toll will be levied on vehicles as a protest. He also said that shoddy repair work will not be accepted.
One of the commuter who resides in Ghodbunder expressing his views on the bad roads said, ‘It feels like a horse ride driving SUV to office which is located at Powai’. Such is the plight of the roads, imagine the plight of people travelling in motorcycles or rickshaws. Another resident said, “Rickshaw wallas often reject fares to Thane as they are scared of the roads, deteriorating vehicle condition and the long traffic.” Last year, people from the district had protested campaigning #FixRoadsElseNoVotes. The local authorities had to take notice of their protests and repair the roads. With all these protests and warnings, we hope TMC and other managing authorities gear up and fix the menace.
We hope to see better roads by end of this month more than saving Rs 35, isn’t it? The bargain of Rs 35 doesn’t seem to be a strong one against time, health and safety of the commuters. Even precious fuel is wasted while one is stuck in a jam.
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