Evolet electric scooters launched in India starting from Rs 39,000

Italian company, Rissala, have made their foray into the Indian market. Their Evolet range of scooters has been launched. There are four electric vehicles – Polo, Derby, Pony and Warrior. Out of these, the first three are scooters and the last a quad bike. The Evolet range starts from Rs 39,000 and culminates at Rs 1.40 lakh, ex-showroom. Initially, the brand is targeting Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana markets. Within two months, the rest of India will be covered.

Rissala have their factory in Bilaspur, spread over one lakh square feet. The company claims that it has developed this facility with international safety standards in mind.

Evolet scooter range explained

The Polo has a fresh look and boasts a lead acid or lithium-ion battery variant. The former is called Polo EZ and has a 48v battery that promises 25kmph top speed and range of 60km. Even the Li-ion battery powered variant has the same specs but is called Polo Classic. Prices of the Polo EZ are Rs 44,499 while that of the Classic, Rs 54,499.

Derby is a naked sport motorcycle which again has a top speed of 25kmph and range of 60km. The same 60V Li-ion and lead acid battery combinations are used here too. The Li-ion version is called Derby EZ and is priced at Rs 46,499 and the Derby Classic (lead acid) is for Rs 10,000 more.

The Polo Pony has the same specs as the Polo. It is the slightly more pricier scooter in the range with lead acid prices starting at Rs 39,499 while Li-ion at Rs 49,499.

The Warrior is the quad bike in the range and comes only with a 72V Li-ion battery. It has a 50km range and 60kmph top speed. The price tag is Rs 1.40 lakh. It also has an app that will help the user control various parameters. Average charge time of all vehicles is 4 hours but an optional fast charger will reduce the time by an hour.


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