Emflux Motors Two electric naked motorcycle teased in India

Emflux Motors. Naam toh suna hi hoga! Jokes aside, Emflux created quite a flutter when they announced their electric superbike. It was capable of a top speed of 200kmph and promised some good range too. However, the fact remains that it still isnt in the market and from what we hear, the launch is still 16 months away. This being said, the company has now introduced the Emflux Motors Two. This is a concept streetfighter bike that comes in two iterations. It will be be in the market sometime in 2021 but looks very promising. Let’s delve deeper into the details now.

Emflux Motors Two details

There is very less information but the teaser tells a bit about the vehicle. Let’s dissect the Emflux Motors Two standard trim. It promises a 0-100kmph time of 4.5s, a top speed of 160kmph while the range is 160km. USD forks, a minimalist design, raised handlebars, full LED headlights, chunky fuel tank with white paint, etc are on offer. A fully-digital instrument cluster is on offer and it will provide real time OTA, speed, range and lot of other information. The motorcycle on the right is called the Two+ and has a higher range. It will run upto 200km, do 0-100kmph in 3.6s and have a top speed of 180kmph. This motorcycle is also underpinned by the same cycle parts. Pirelli rubber should be on offer with both as well as Brembo brakes. Needless to say, ABS too will be on offer here.

The uncertainty lies in the fact that Emflux haven’t been able to live up to their promise. While there is no speculated price for the aforementioned product(s), the company says that this will be economical. The Emflux One was estimated to be priced around Rs 6 lakh and we believe the naked version will cost around Rs 4 lakh. Are you ready to buy one?

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