Dual channel ABS now available on Jawa motorcycles in India

No. We still haven’t ridden the Jawa motorcycles to make a comment about it. To cut a long story short, currently, the Jawa Motorcycles that were showcased earlier had a rear drum brake with the exception of the Perak. However, the latter wasn’t on sale anyways. Single channel ABS was offered on the Jawa and Jawa 42. Shortly after the media ride, Jawa Motorcycles has now announced that all its motorcycles will gain a rear disc and dual channel ABS by June 2019. If you’ve booked a Jawa now, you can upgrade the booking, however the delivery timeline will be post June 2019. The cost for the upgradation is Rs 8,942.

Ex-showroom Delhi prices
JawaJawa Forty TwoJawa (Dual channel ABS)Jawa Forty Two (Dual channel ABS)
Rs. 1,64,000Rs. 1,55,000Rs. 1,72,942Rs. 1,63,942
*Available on motorcycles delivered after June 2019
Is dual channel ABS necessary?

It is similar to having a dual disc set up instead of a disc/drum. Dual channel ABS will prevent rear wheel lift off as well.  This being said, there will now be trim options for the Jawa motorcycles. The disc/drum will continue and there will be an addition of the disc/disc dual channel ABS as well. Jawa claims to have tested the ABS system extensively and fine tuned it for everyday use.

dual channel ABS

Not only this, the other big news is that Jawa Motorcycles has announced a tie-up with major finance firms to offer loans to aspiring Jawa customers. These banks include HDFC, Tata Capital, ICICI, Mahindra Finance, IDFC, L&T Finance Limited, Hinduja Leyland Finance at the national level in addition to regional partners. Moreover, customers can exchange their existing motorcycles at the more than 100 Jawa Motorcycles’ dealerships across India. The exchange partner is Mahindra First Choice Wheels.

This is indeed a good news and goes on to show that Classic Legends, the company behind the Jawa Motorcycles resurrection is indeed serious about its business. The Mahindra Two Wheelers business in the meanwhile is still uncertain. There are capable products out there but the lack of promotion as well as backing from service centres has been its undoing.

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